Foods rich

Foods richS.

64 cup of cooked cauliflower, 3 cups raw spinach.

Foods rich in calcium Eat 4 servings of one of the following products per day, or a combination of 4 different products.

You need to 1,3 1, 4 g of calcium per day.

Each serving contains about 300 mg of calcium.

200250 ml of skim or lowfat milk or buttermilk 12 cup nonfat or lowfat milk, 1 13 cups lowfat cottage cheese, approximately 42 g cheddar cheese, 35 g of Swiss cheese, 1 cup lowfat yogurt or skim, 13 cup of milk powder without fat, 110 g of salmon with the bones of the banks, 85 g of sardine cans Bones, 100 g of mackerel cans with bones 2 3 tablespoons chopped sesame seeds, 1V3 cups broccoli 2 corn cob, 10 dried figs, 3 cups of cooked beans.

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By the way, he and my agent. I know

By the way, he and my agent. I know It reminds me of a man named Mel Berger a successful literary agent from New York.

By the way, he and my agent.

I know how Mel works brilliantly and fearlessly.

But it has a secret fear.

He lives in New Jersey, next to a fantastic Japanese magazine Mitsuva Marketplace.

Getting there, you find yourself in a wonderful country Japanese food products, abounding utensils, beverages, spices, pastries and confectionery products, fresh vegetables and juicy fruit some of them just flown from Tokyo.

Mel loves Japanese food.

. . . . .

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Taira clan, according

Taira clan, according Warring parties, as stated in his intriguing theory is our historian century Hisao Nagayama, ate different rice and opposed to each other as lovers of soft rice and hard rice lovers.

Taira clan, according Nagayama, got lazy and spineless living in rich capital, extorting taxes from the peasants and indulging in poetry, music and the art of composing bouquets, so people Tyra ate soft food and white rice.

Who lived in the villages of Minamoto clan warriors, on the contrary, grew strong and sturdy, eating brown rice, fish and fresh vegetables diet, which exacerbated their thinking and increased morale.

When Tomoe Godzen and troops entered the Minamoto victory in Kyoto, is a defeated foe fled in terror from the capital.

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I myself was once

I myself was once Of course, initially may seem that there are too many.

This choice is confusing.

I have a feeling familiar.

I myself was once a Japanese girl, down from the ladder aircraft which came into confusion from the American consumer culture.

I lost every time, getting to the supermarket.

To just buy milk, I had to choose between whole milk, low fat, a mixture of equal parts of milk and cream, milk without lactose, soy, rice milk, and between different volumes not to mention that should be determined with the brand.

I then did not know what to do, and always with horror went to the shops.

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About 1 tbsp. tablespoons

About 1 tbsp. tablespoons Pepper remove from oven and cover with a damp towel .

Then remove the peel, cloves and pepper again put on a baking sheet.

Lubricate 2 tbsp.

tablespoons vegetable oil, salt and Poper disconnect.

Onions and garlic peeled, finely chopped and vysy Paty into slices of pepper.

Bake in the oven at a temperature of 200 ° tour for 10 minutes.

Eggs mixed with flour and cheese, add chopped greensing.

Salt and pepper to taste.

About 1 tbsp.

tablespoons oil in a frying pan with warm antiprigar selectively coated and fry the egg mass media on it heat until golden brown.

. . . . .

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